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E2010/O365 : No name reset, when using Outlook.exe /resetfoldernames [Solved]


When you’re migrating, and you see the new mailbox has standard folders in 2 different languages.


You cannot change the default folder names to another language by using the /ResetFolderNames switch in Outlook

Solution 1

Use Powershell in the local server to correct this:

set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -id <alias> -LocalizeDefaultFolderName:$true -Language <Language_code_to_switch_to> -DateFormat <your_preferred_DateFormat>

Use these language codes :

More info about set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration :

Solution 2

If you’re not the exchange administrator, or you use Office 365/Exchange Online :

The standard folders are in Dutch AND in English


Login in outlook WebApp, en select Options


Select Settings => Regional Settings => check “Rename default folders so their names match the specified language” => Save

Start outlook and the folders are renamed.

For more information about this problem :