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Here you find the powershell script which were very useful for me.

All scripts are free of charge, use them at your own risk :


Log Name:      Application

Source:        MSExchangeSA

Event ID:      9327

Task Category: (13)

Level:         Warning


OALGen skipped some entries in the offline address list ‘Global Address List‘.  To see which entries are affected, event logging for the OAL Generator must be set to at least medium.

– Default Offline Address Book



First check all of the Global address Lists


Name                                                        RecipientFilter
—-                                                        —————
Default Global Address List                                 ((Alias -ne $null) -and (((ObjectClass -eq ‘user’) -or (…

Activate Diagnostic logging

Select MSExchangeSA => OAL Generator => Review the current level (here it is “”Lowest””)

Select Medium => Configure

Klik Finish


This can also been done by :

Change the settings for the eventlogging to medium for MSExchangeSAOAL Generator

‘XCH01MSExchangeSAOAL Generator’ | Set-EventLogLevel -Level ‘Medium’

Now update de global address list


Update-GlobalAddressList -Identity “Default Global Address List”

Review the Application eventlog for OAB errors

Don’t forget to reset the origional diagnistic settings for MSExchangeSAOAL Generator :

‘XCH01MSExchangeSAOAL Generator’ | Set-EventLogLevel -Level ‘Lowest’


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