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Exchange 2013 : How to set the regional settings for a mailbox, or multiple mailboxes, before importing .pst files.

After creating new users, you have to set the mailbox regional settings, before importing the e-mail by .pst file

You can set the regional settings for an individual user to English (US):

Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -Identity User -Language en-US

To set all users to English (US):

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited | Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -Language en-US

To check the settings, use these commands:

Individual mailbox: Get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -Identity User

All users: Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration

Bulk set all the mailboxes to Dutch:

Get-mailbox -ResultSize unlimited | Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -dateformat “dd-MM-yyyy” -timezone “W. Europe Standard Time”  -timeformat “HH:mm” -Language “nl-NL” -LocalizeDefaultFolderName:$true


More info:

Users will still be greeted with the Outlook Web App regional language option when signing in for the first time. But doesn’t affect the folder names since they are now hardcoded to use Dutch (nl-NL).

PS! Users created after running these commands will still get asked to choose; so it’s probably a good idea to run this every time you create a new batch of users to ensure the new users are set correctly.