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Server 2008 R2 : No Hard disk during VMWare installation [Solved]

Sometimes there is no hard disk during the installation for a Windows 2003 (R2) / 2008 (R2).

This problem occurs when using a paravirtual HDD during the installation of the Windows server


This Paravirtual SCSI driver is better to use, because of the speed.


No HDD is shown.


Go to Edit Settings.


Select Floppy drive => Use Existing floppy image in database => Browse.


In the datastore choose vmimages => Open.


Select floppies => Open.


Select the correct floppy image (2003 or 2008) => OK.


Be sure to select Connect at power on.


In the installation screen click on Load driver.


Click on Browse.


Select A:\amd64 => OK.


Select the driver and click Next.


Wait a moment.


Select the correct HDD and click Next to Proceed the installation.


After the installation install the vmware tools and don’t forget to change the Floppy settings to default.