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HOW TO : Create a local installation of Office 2013 in your Office 365 subscription, for easy deploy

With your Office 365/Office2013 subscription, users are allowed to download Office 2013, to their local computer.

But sometimes you ‘the Administrator’ don’t want all the clients to download their own installation.

In this case you can use the Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run installations.

Go to the download site :

Download the software

Run the software (It is only a unzip action)

Create a new directory for the extraction of the files

Click OK

Go to the created directory, there now are 2 files




   <Add SourcePath=”\\server\Office15″ OfficeClientEdition=”32″>

    <Product ID=”O365ProPlusRetail” >

     <Language ID=”en-us” />





You need to change the configuration.xml

For example change the language to your locals, or change the client office edition to 64 bits if necessary.

You also can add more Product ID’s to install more product at once.

Standard product id’s are :

  • O365ProPlusRetail
  • VisioProRetail
  • ProjectProRetail
  • PDRetail (SharePoint Designer)


More info about the product ID’s :


More info about the download options:


Example for starting the download of Office 2013:

D:\Temp\Office-deployment-tool\setup.exe /download D:\Temp\Office-deployment-tool\configuration.xml


Example for starting the installation of Office 2013

\\server\share\setup.exe /configure \\server\share\configuration.xml