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(Solved) Outlook 2016 missing : Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange

This week I migrated a customer to Office 365 with a very slow internet connection.

After the migration some users complaint they did not see all of their e-mail in outlook.

In OWA they did see all of their e-mail.

I found out they missed the button “Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange”


Solution 1

There is no message ; “Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange”


We deployed the Office/Outlook policy via RES One Workspace =>

User config/Policies/Admin templates/Microsoft Outlook 2016/Account Settings/Exchange/Cached Exchange Mode => Cached Exchange Mode


Select the option : Download Full Items


Solution 2

If this doesn’t work, the try to update Office :

Select Office Update, en let the magic do it’s job.