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[Solved] Office 365 : Error ‘Something went wrong’ OwaUserHasNoMailboxAndNoLicenseAssignedException

Sometimes you receive an error message while logging in at the Office 365 portal.

This is due to different reasons, like:

  • User has no online mailbox, but wants to open online OWA
  • User wants to open Sharepoint, but has no right to open a website
  • Or some different reasons.


:-( Something went wrong

We couldn’t find a mailbox for this recipient. Either they don’t have a mailbox or don’t have a license assigned.

X-ClientId: LPHU – QLI1 – 3UAW – LP5LTS0DKA

X-OWA-Error: Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa2.Server.Core.OwaUserHasNoMailboxAndNoLicenseAssignedException

X-OWA-Version: 15.1.361.16

X-FEServer: AMXPR07CA0051

X-BEServer: AMXPR03MB0645

Date: 1/4/2016 9:44:11 AM




This means that the users has no online mailbox

When going to office 365 the default page is the page for OWA, but this user has no online mailbox, therefor receives an error message.



Login to Office 365.

See the error message

Open a new tab in your browser

Go to the URL :

Go to settings => Office 365 Settings


Go to Start Page


Select your desired Start Page


And Save your selection.


Your now able to select the desired webpage when you logon.