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Extend your Powershell ISE with tons of extra features => use ISESteroids 2.0 !

Have you always thought Powershell ISE is the best there is?

Then check out Powershell ISE !

Powershell ISE give you tons of extra features in Powershell ISE !

Download ISESteroids from :

First check your Powershell version


In PowerShell 4 you need to download and install manually. (Execute install.bat)

For PowerShell 5 simply use this command to install :

Install-Module ISESteroids -Scope CurrentUser

To update an installed version, use this instead, and make sure ISESteroids is not running while you update:

Update-Module ISESteroids -Force


After installation of ISESteroids, you receive the message :

Run “Start-Steroids” from INSIDE THE ISE EDITOR, not from here! :)

So Start Powershell ISE


Execute Start-Steroids

Select Accept

Without a License, you have a trial version

Select the correct option

Select Let’s go !

ISESteroids is now installed in trail mode !

First thing you need to do, is open de personal ISE Autostart Script

Click Yes

Place ‘Start-Steroids’ in the Microsoft.PowerShellISE_profile.ps1, and save the file.

ISESteroids will now automatically start every time you start Powershell ISE.


Manage your license in the settings toolbar

You’re now able to create templates, and create scripts from these templates.

Create BreakPoints for managing the execution of your scripts

Open an external Console

This is the external console

You can easily switch between the external console and the ISE console

After installing ISESteroids, the banner of ISE is extended with some extra tools, and options.

The first button enables you to align the Text in your braces

Your text is alligned now

The 3 selected items in the bar are for easy reading.

I recommend to use the one on the right because then you’ll see all the lines with the same selected text.

Toggle these settings, to try them out ( I enabled them all )

This item duplicates the current selection or line

These options enable you to move the current line Up or Down (ALT + ArrowUp/ArrowDown)

These options are for reading purposes.

Toggle these options to get familiar with the possibilities

Select this option to Comment the selected

Use this option to quickly go to the Function

Go to Tools => Options

Here you can change the colors

I’ve changed the Autosave and the number of recent files

You can now import a script you created before, to check the syntax

ISESteroids gives some yellow markers in the beginning of the lines. When hovering, ISESteroids gives an explanation of your faulty command :

I’ve used double quotes (“) instead of single quotes (‘)

Hitting the yellow marker, changes not only this line, but also every line with the same faulty command.

At the same time there is an Yellow line in the beginning of the line, where ISESteroids made an change in your code, and the text is marked green.

Some lines further, there is a Yellow Marker, because I used an Alias, instead of the full command.

Again hitting the yellow marker, resolves this issue in all the lines of the script.

Hitting the yellow marker changes Where in Where-Object in all the lines of the script.

Above every Function you see the references to this function in this script.

When clicking on the references a screen below pop up, you can see the line numbers from the references

When clicking on a function with the right mouse button, the option ‘Export to Module’ appears.

Select the preferred option, and select Export

Click OK

Use import-module for the exported function

Create a Function by selecting some text in your script, and click New Powershell function

The Function is automatically created

2015-04-09 13_34_04-Administrator_ Windows PowerShell ISE

Hitting the Small Marker in the left corner of your statusbar, enables a twitter feed with #Powershell items



Enable (Auto) Version History

Every Powershell lover, should buy this product !

Special tanks to John Ermen en Branko Vucinec !