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How to check disk space of multiple windows 2008 servers and convert to HTML report

This article describes how to use a disk usage script, on multiple windows 2008 servers with the use of Windows Powershell.

Download the script here

Unzip the file and place het in the module directory : C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules

Check the available modules :
Get-Module –ListAvailable

Import the new module :
import-module diskspacehtmlreport

execute only the first time :
Get-Command –Module DiskspaceHTMLReport

Execute possibilities :
1 Get-DiskSpaceHTMLReport -computername “localhost”
2 Get-DiskSpaceHTMLReport -computername “localhost”,”remoteserver”
3 Import-Csv Computers.csv | Get-DiskSpaceHTMLReport
4 Get-DiskSpaceHTMLReport -computername “localhost” -FreePercentWarningThreshold 30 -FreePercentCriticalThreshold 20
5 Get-DiskSpaceHTMLReport -computername “localhost” -OutputFile “diskreport.html”
6 “server1″,”server2″,”server3” | get-diskspacehtmlreport

My favorite command :
Import-Csv Computers.csv | Get-DiskSpaceHTMLReport -OutputFile “diskspacereport-9-2-2012.html”

Execute the command, from directory, in which your csv file and your HTML report reside

Make sure your csv file looks like this :

Original website for more info :