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[Solved] : How to upgrade dirsync to AADConnect and migrate/move to a new server.

This is an example how I upgraded Dirsync to AADConnect, and how to move an old installation to a new server.

You can download AADConnect here :

Upgrade the server

Start AADConnect

Wait until the configuration is analyzed

Click Next

Use the Office 365 credentials of the administrator used in dirsync

This account must be an Enterprise Admin !

Click Upgrade

Wait until the upgrade is finshed !

After the upgrade click Exit

Export the configuration

Select File => Export

Click OK

Select the export folder and Click OK

When the export is finished, click OK copy the export folder to the new server.

Import the configuration on the new server

There are no connectors available

Click File => Import

Click OK

Select the folder where the exported configuration is saved

Fill in the AD admin credentials

Wait a few seconds

Fill in the Office 365 admin credentials

Click OK

Click OK

After installation reboot the server!

After the reboot, execute a full sync in powershell  (See below)

Disable AADConnect on the old server

Disable the Microsoft Azure AD Sync service.

It is now safe to remove AADConnect or to decommission the old server.

Force an update

Full update

Start Azure powershell;

cd “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin”
.\DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe initial

Delta update

Start Azure powershell;

cd “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin”