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Server 2008/2012 (R2) : What is Access-based Enumeration ?

According to Microsoft :

What does Access-based Enumeration do?

Access-based Enumeration filters the list of available files and folders on a server to include only those that the requesting user has access to.

Who does this feature apply to?

This feature applies to:

Domain-joined computers.

IT professionals who want to control the user’s experience.

In normal language :

When using Access-based Enumeration, a user only sees the files and folder it is allowed to see.


Example :

A user is a member of the group Finance and Office, but not a member of the group Sales.

He only sees the folders Finance and Office, but not the Sales folder, and it contents.


A User is a member of the sales group, he only sees the sales folder and nog the other files and folders.


Actual folder contents