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Server 2012 Essentials: Users don’t show in Essentials Dashboard, after migration [Solved]

In SBS 2008 when users didn’t show up in SBS console, you had to use Adsi Edit to change the value of the “msSBSCreationState” key to “Created.”

In Server 2012 Essentials this key doesn’t exist anymore in the active directory, so you can’t use AdsiEdit to correct this problem.

In Server 2012 Essentials you have to use Powershell to correct this problem

No users are visible in the Server 2012 Essentials User Dashboard

Adsi Edit is missing the “msSBSCreationState” Key.

Use powershell to correct this problem, using :

Import-WssUser –SamAccountName “username”

The user is now visible in the Server 2012 Essentials Dashboard