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ESX: Clipboard Copy and Paste does not work in vSphere Client 4.1 and later [Solved]

When you want to use copy and paste in you’re virtual sessions, you have to change some parameters.


You can do this for 1 virtual session, by changing these parameters in the session: false false


It is also possible to change these parameters on the ESX server so all virtual sessions, use these parameters and are able to use copy and paste.

First enable SSH connection.

Login the vSpere Client select :

ESX server => Configuration => Security Profile => Properties of the services

Select SSH (Services is stopped) and select Options

Select Start

(For security reasons don’t select “Start and stop with host”, because at that time it is always enabled, after a reboot of the host ;-) )

After pressing start, Click OK

The service is now Running press OK to proceed.

(Sometimes you also need to start ‘ESXi Shell’ and ‘Direct Console UI’ in the same manner)

Now start Putty

(Download from : )

Fill in your ESX server name or IP address and click ‘Open’

Login with root and the correct password

Change the current directory to : /etc/vmware by typing cd /etc/vmware

Open the config file by typing “vi config

Use the ‘insert’ button to switch to ‘edit
mode’ and go to the last rule and press ENTER

paste those three lines at the end:

vmx.fullpath = “/bin/vmx””FALSE””FALSE”

Be aware for the change of the ” character to a . => you have to change this !

Be sure you have copied the write commands ! Use ‘ESC’ to exit the ‘edit mode’

Safe you’re changes by typing : ‘:wq‘ and press ENTER.

Changes are saved, after a reboot of the ESX server you are able to copy and paste in the virtual sessions.


Don’t forget to reboot you’re ESX server !

Source: KB 1026422