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How to migrate a physical server to virtual (P2V) with Vmware tools

1 Explanation
This document describes the migration of a physical server to a virtual server (P2V).
The software I have used is Vmware Vcenter and Vmware standalone converter (both version 5)

2 Installation

The installation of the standalone converter is very basic, no special settings must be used.

3 Settings

Start the VCenter Converter Standalone as an administrator, click on Convert machine

Fill in the right information and click next

Choose the option ‘Automatically uninstall the files when import succeeds’

Fill in the right information, and click next

Choose the location of the inventory, where the virtual session resides. Don’t forget to change the name, if necessary

Choose the correct ESX server

When you change the settings of the HDD, the P2V migration goes faster (for example: make all disks 1 GB greater than before)

Give the virtual session the right amount of memory.

Active the Network card, of not (my experience is to disable it, to avoid users to work on it during clean-up)

On the ‘Destination services’ tab you have to disable al hardware services And services you don’t use any more (like imaging, perfectdisk, HP, DELL)

On the ‘synchronize’ tab ENABLE the option to ‘synchronize changes’ in order to migrate al the change made on the physical server, during the migration

On the tab ‘post conversion’, choose the settings you want

Most of the time nothing is change on the ‘Throttling’ tab

Check the settings

If everything goes well, the jobs are completed

4 Finishing the installation

4.1 Clean-up the hardware drivers
• Log in the Virtual machine
• Start => Run => CMD
o Type: set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
(This makes a incorrect devices visible)
o Type: start devmgmt.msc

• Device Manager => View => Show Hidden Devices

Delete all ‘grayed out’ devices.
After deleting, reboot the server
4.2 Clean-up the software
After cleaning up the hardware drivers, you must clean up the software also
for example:
• Hardware specific software like HP, DELL, enz
• Video cart software
• Imaging software
• Perfectdisk, No need to do that in a virtual session
• UPS software, most of the time this is centralized in a virtial enviroment

Start => Run => appwiz.cpl
uninstall the software

After de uninstallation don’t forget to reboot

Sometimes there is a error after rebooting

Check if there is a service trying to start, which is not necessary anymore

Disable the service

Another error message is this one

Remove some registry keys if they are available (like: network cart, video cart, tape unit)
Location in the registry:
“CPQTEAM”=”C:\Program Files\HPNCU\cpqteam.exe”

Make a backup of your registry before deleting something!!
Right click the key, and delete

Click Yes

Reboot the server another time and check the eventlogs for errors

When all errors are gone, all users can work on the virtual machine
(shutdown the physical server if not done before)