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VMWare Change SCSI settings of a virtual session to VMWare Paravirtual

This article describes how to change the SCSI settings of a virtual session.
The reason to do this, is because of performance issues

First go to the settings of your session

Here you see that the SCSI adapter is a LSI Logic SAS . We are going to change this in a VMware paravirtual

Add a new harddisk

Click Next

Make the disk 3 GB

Make sure The new Virtual Device Node is set to SCSI (1:0) => this creates the new SCSI adapter we need

Klik Finish to create the temporary Harddisk

The new SCSI ADAPter is created, but in the wrong version => Click Change type

Choose for VMWare Paravirtual

The SCSI adapater is now set to Paravirtual => Start the windows session

The new Harddisk wil be initialized and the SCSI adapater driver will be installed

Al drivers are installed now, no need to format the disk => Shut down the session right now

You can delete the newly created harddisk

Be sure to remove the disk completely from the disk

Change the type of the original SCSI adapter

Change the adapater to VMWare paravirtual

The SCSI adapter wil be change => Log into Windows

In Windows click restart Now and after this reboot the session will use the new SCSI adapter settings

 Update 9-4-2014

Here are the screens for VMWARE 5.5 web console :

2014-04-08 16_23_26-vSphere Web Client

2014-04-08 16_22_59-vSphere Web Client