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VMware: Unable to add domain accounts to VCenter 5.5 Virtual Appliance (VCVA) [Solved]

When you use the VMWare VCenter Virtual Appliance you’re not able to add any domein accounts to you Vcenter permissions.

You first have to add the domein to the appliance as an Identity Source :

Log in the VCenter

You’re not able to add any domain account to the VCenter

Log in to the Virtual appliance (Default : root => vmware )

Add you’re Active directory to the VCVA


Go to the webclient of your VCVA

Login as administrator@vsphere.local => vmware

Go to Administration

Go to Configuration => Identity Source => Add

Select Active Directory (integrated Windows Authentication) and the Domain name will be automatically selected.

The correct domain is now in the list available.

You’re now able to add accounts from you’re local domain to the VCenter Permissions.

And the correct group is added to the list.