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[SOLVED] When using a Volume Activation Management Tool ( VAMT ) 3.1: The specified KMS product key is invalid, of is unsupported by this version of VAMT. An update to support additional products may be available online. When adding Windows 10 product keys.

When you receive this error while trying to import your Windows 10 product keys to KMS VAMT server 3.1, the only way is to upgrade your VAMT version.

It is not possible to import Windows 10 keys in VAMT 3.1 keys.

Download the software from Microsoft:

Direct download :



Click Next

Click Next

Click Accept

Select VAMT & Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express if you don’t have an SQL server installed., and click Install

And Wait

Click close

Add a Database name : VAMT

Click Yes

VAMT is now installed

VAMT is now version V10.0.10240.0

Select Product Key => Add Product Key => add your product key


Add your Product key


The product key is installed.