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Script to create a Windows backup using a VHD file.

Updated : 10-31-2014 => Added Version 4.0


This scripts can create a windows backup to a VHD file, on any location in your network.

The only thing needed is setting the correct variables in the xml file.

The script is generating a log file in the backup location, these logfiles are kept unit you reach the number of days given in the xml file.



Create a VHD file.

This can be done in Hyper-V (Available in windows 7 and Windows 8).

Be sure your VHD is large enough for your backup, and your VHD is initialized and formatted.



Set the correct variables in the XML file



Test the backup, and check the log file.

You can start the script using the Verbose optien, for testing purposes:


Step 4

Set your script as a daily/weekly/monthly task.

You can download the script in zip format here.

[wpdm_file id=1 title=”true” ]




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