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Windows 8.1 /2012 R2: How to add new product keys to your KMS server / Upgrade your VAMT 3.0.

When using a Volume Activation Management Tool ( VAMT ) 3.0 you want to add your Windows 8.1 and Windows server 2012 R2 license keys, to the product keys.

This is NOT possible !!!

Your unable to add the Windows 8.1 and Windows server 2012 R2 product key’s to VAMT 3.0 !

The only way is to upgrade to VAMT 3.1

Download the software from Microsoft:

See how to upgrade:

Normally you can add Product keys, via the actions options

Add the product key, and click Add Key(s)

When the adding fails, you can click on the link

(This is not the correct version! Don’t click on this !!!)

When you have downloaded this version, it is version 8.59.25584.

This is NOT the correct version !!!!!!!

This is the correct version !

You need to download the new version (8.100.26020) from Microsoft :

Install this new version as an administrator

You need .NET Framework 4.5

Wait for installation, and Reboot the server when finished!

After reboot there is an Error

Remove Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows.

Click Yes

Click Close

Again Run as administrator

Click Next

Choose to join the CEIP program, or not and click Next

Select the VAMT, and click Install.


Close the program

Go back to the VAMT, and select Product keys => Add Product Keys

Add the product key

It will now be successful !

Windows 8.1 is available in VAMT 3.1 !

Activation will succeed now !

20 comments to Windows 8.1 /2012 R2: How to add new product keys to your KMS server / Upgrade your VAMT 3.0.

  • Michelle

    I like reading through your website. Thanks a lot!

  • Thanks for that I was wondering why when I clicked the “click here for updates” link in VAMT 3.0 it said my products were up to date, I did not think it would be wrong version of adksetup it downloaded.

    Great post!

  • Fabiano

    Thanks for the post!

    Did the procedure indicated and beyond the VAMT interface have changed (missing the third column) insert the key and windows 8.1 keeps asking to update the VAMT.

    What can it be? I use the KMS host on Windows 2008 R2

    Thank you!

    • Richard Voogt

      Hai Fabiano, Please check the VAMT version, and post it back
      Have you tried changing the view to add the actions column?
      The Actions column is a standard column. If there is still no action column, try to reinstall VAMT.

      • Fabiano

        Thanks Richard

        I installed the update and is including installing KMS key on computers with Windows 8.

        The problem now is when I activate them the message appears: No service of key management can be found

        Any idea what might be happening?

        Thank you again!

  • Richard Voogt

    @ Fabio
    Most of the time this error occures when using the wrong software version :
    MAK software with KMS key or
    KMS software with MAK key

    try using a different download of windows 8

  • Bill Seidel

    Thank you! So much misinformation out there… Thanks for posting this!

  • Roy-helge Falsen

    I’ll have to say, this is one of the betther guides out there, helped alot, thanks man.

  • Rick

    Thank you! I was getting very frustrated with all the junk info out there. This finally worked for me.

  • Vinh


    Prior to adding windows2012 r2 vlk to my kms host I had windows2008 r2 vlk licensed on my kms host.

    After adding the windows2012 r2 vlk and activating it I noticed my windows2008 r2 Key license status become “unlicensed”. Is this normal because the windows2012 vlk key will activate both operating systems? This will not affect my windows 2008 servers?


  • Richard Voogt

    Hi Vinh,
    In my set-up this is not the case.
    I have Windows 2008 / Windows 2008 R2 / WIndows 2012 AND Windows 2012 R2 VLK key in the VAMT.
    You maybe need to check your installation, of reinstall VAMT.

    Good luck !

  • kasteleman

    Vinh, did you solve you’re problem? I have the same problem that after adding the windows2012 r2 vlk and activating it, the 2008 r2 license status becomes unlicensed.

  • LostNAngry

    Two issues; My VAMT will not recognize the letter N as a vaild input so none of my 8.1 or Office 2013 keys will be entered.
    Do I have to delete VAMT 2.0 before I put in 3.1? I am installing on server 2012, if that makes a difference.

    • Richard Voogt

      Hi LostNAngry,

      Needlessly to say that you onle have to use the latest version, nog version 2.0 :)
      Why your VAMT doesn’t recognizes the letter N
      Please update VAMT to the latest version, and try to place your codes in the VAMT again.

  • Atish

    Hi Richard,

    I am very new to VAMT3.1, and I need your help to configure VAMT 3.1 in our organization. Also want to know will this tool support for all Microsoft products like- SQL server, Visual Studio etc. And one more thing how to get all the information from SQL Server database.

    Atish Chaurasia.

  • Can’t belive that you solve my problem.. Thankyou soo much. Lot of issue in microsoft Server.

  • Tayyab

    i have updated version of VAMT installed on windows server 2012 but am unable add Windows 10 key please help

  • sumon

    i have windows 7 pro vlk key, i want to upgrade windows 10.
    how can i use this key in windows 10 also manage kms server
    please suggest me

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